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T3T was born out of our constant search for good food anywhere we have been around the world, doing business. 

Different geographies, share a universal deeply rooted interest in extracting the best values from food, as a source of a culinary experience as well as a means to healthy living.

We studied the qualities and ingredients of numerous freshly produced herbs which is always of the best nutritional value. We have searched for the simplest to grow, cheapest to harvest and and the easiest to use collection of freshly packaged herbs and vegetables that we procure from selected producers in South America and the Mediterranean. 

Our collection is distinguished both for its culinary and gustatory characteristics, as well as for its highest medicinal values and the rejuvenating effect from a long term use. And delivered to your doorstep.

Role as managing partner: Marketing and communication, financial planning, product, brand design and packaging, sales channel and sales teams development.



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