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What’s different but also similar between Gandhi and Hitler? 

A model on Rhetoric and Communication Design

Public speech analysis, Framework modeling, literary research, wire framing, interaction, humanities computing and prototyping.

This is a model for analyzing public speeches based on the system of Rhetoric by Aristotle and the Semantics theory of S.I. Hayakawa, The model is the base for a computational method where different scores put by the reader/audience, with statistical analysis of the text, produces a speech dashboard.

The intention of the end result was to create a more inclusive view of a public speech as the result of multiple variables that add to the auditory and visual experience which of course are of primary value in the effectiveness of the speech delivery.

The relevant paper was selected to be presented on May 28th 2012, at the Annual Conference of the Society of Digital Humanities / Societe pour l' etude de Medias Interactifs in Waterloo Ontario.

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