Innovation, Strategy, Design

Here are some examples of  work around people centered innovation and strategy.  

Michigan State. Mackinaw island. Strategy, Design Research, Brand Strategy.

Mac Daddy. Online strategy, research, service design.

WheelWell. Strategy, research, product design.

City of Chicago. I

 o T. Product design, prototype, business model.

JFK airport. New income opportunities.

PEPSICO - Problem Framing. Workshop design.

Bank Brancjes dsign trends

Retail Banking, space exploration and comparative study.

Business Model brief illustration examples. 

ACCO - Market, Product Strategy, Portfolio Planning.

UBER Trust and Safety.

Business Experiment.

Rapid Prototyping

Retail commerce, trends and layout optimization

Planning for the End. 

Ethnographic research.

Designing collaborative Platform examples. 

Abridged Customer Portfolio

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