Innovation, Strategy, Design

This is how you can successfully innovate. From the hazy front-end of exploration to the market acid test.




Innovation  Strategy

Design Planning

Organisational  capability

Problem Framing

Experiment Design

Business Modeling

Portfolio planning

Futures Foresight

Human-centered Design Design Strategy

Service Design

Experience Design

Integrative Research

Exploration Workshops

Leadership Bootcamp

Facilitated Retreats 

Talent for innovation

Beyond Marketing 

How can you grow your venture, if you have not built your innovation and differentiation muscle? To make your organization successful, we offer three pillars of services that are industry agnostic and highly adaptive to your challenge.  

Our experience comes from diverse markets at the cross roads of people, technology, business and design.

Our customers say:

A rare combination of managerial aptitude, with an action bias. During our common experience his positive energy alongside a very intelligent and innovative perspective in formulating strategy, helped the business grow past infancy. He has a very strong ability to use his design and business skills to formulate opportunity around challenges that people face, with integrity, while experimenting and solving problems in a lean fashion. 

Mahadevan Seetharaman, PhD. EVP Chief Growth and Digital Transformation, iLink 

Stylianos ability to both see the big picture as well as the importance of multitude of details that make any project successful is very impressive. Stylianos was instrumental in attracting and managing a high powered, high ego, truly multicultural work force by understanding the context, goals and amount of supervision that each individual needed.

Prad Sabharwal, Managing Director,  Castle Placement

Stylianos is a unique and powerful collaborator, coach and investigator of human capabilities and motivations. Time spent with him is both clarifying and transformative…he helps you dispel the confusions and misalignments that plague your life and your productivity… He helps you reveal your deepest hungers and motivations so that your work takes on more significance and alignment…Stylianos can save you 10 years of confusion.”

Michael Rossato Bennett, President

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